Bad Reputation
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In Brief Penny Arcade
Bad Reputation
Fang Records/Tiny Teeth Productions
(Text) © 1999 by Penny Arcade/Various music copyrights.

What can I say about the immortal Penny Arcade? She's the queen of the lower east side, she's been doing performance since the days of Warhol's glory, and she's still creating new art and inspiring her friends all over the planet.

Chris Rael (of Church of Betty) did the musical direction for Penny's Show "Bad Reputation". He managed to record, mix, and master the songs and incidental music in 5 days flat, in time for the opening performance at P.S.122 on March 4, 1999.

The album captures the energy of the live performance. It is harrowing and funny and vital and I recommend it highly.


Here is the official Penny Arcade web site.

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