News and Gigs

I have moved to the Boston area. I have no gigs. Yet.

Who Am I?

I've been playing drums since my parents gave me my first toy drum set when I was barely four years old. Since moving to New York in 1990, I've had the opportunity to make music with many extraordinary people. Once in a while, we've found enough time and money to try and capture that music on tape; some of the results can be seen in the frame that's now loading on the right side of this page.

As of September, 2003, I live in Somerville, MA. I have left behind my glory days in NYC, and have not yet created my glory days in Boston.

I will miss playing with the great Chris Rael, and his band-that's-an-institution, Church of Betty

Road Map

The little album covers over there to the right are links to information about those recordings. I've included some reviews, some links, and my own commentary about the people involved in each recording. You'll also find a few audio samples for some of the albums.

While you're reading about a particular album, you may click on the little album cover at the top of the info page to see a larger image of the cover art, and to read about the artist who designed it.

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