Pictures of the Big Vacation
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In Brief Mike Errico
Pictures of the Big Vacation
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Mike is a compelling solo performer. He plays guitar with strums and slides, while using the guitar body as a drumset. The effect is groovy in the extreme. When I first saw him play at the now defunct Hotel Galvez in Avenue B, he told me he was planning to make a record, and that he was considering bringing in a band. I told him that I thought he'd be better off without one, but nobody ever listens to me, and why should they? But I'm not bitter. I got to work with Susan Rogers (who was Prince's engineer for years) and her dog, Gina, a Boston Terrier. And now you, the consumer, get to hear my funky stylings on two songs, "Springtime", and "God". Mike claims that the snare sound on "God" is his favorite thing about the record. I don't believe him, but it is pretty crispy.


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