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In Brief Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories
Geffen GEFD-24734
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I met Lisa when we were students at Brown University. My friend Dan and I saw Liz & Lisa open for some other long-forgotten ensemble. We approached them after they played, and we were like, "Um, you guys should have a rock band," and they were like, "Um, sure," and we were like, "We should be that band," and they were like, "Um, yeah, whatever."

So we played with 'em, then another Dan took over from Dan on bass, then I graduated and some other people played with 'em, then a year later I moved from L.A. and played percussion with 'em while Chad Fischer played drums, then he split for L.A. and I played drums, and Tim Bright played guitar and then Rick split for the south and Joe played bass and Liz took a hike to be in her own really excellent band and then we had a hit single and the entire world exploded and what you see before you is the result.

Now Tim and I are gone, but Joe remains (and is in Japan with The Loeb Organization as I write this), and she just released Firecracker, and I hope she's enjoying her success.


Garden of Delights (excerpt)

One of those tunes that hides near the end of the LP, waiting to leap out at you, all of a sudden, and bite you on the arse, fiercely, perhaps drawing blood, leading you to seek a long, painful, and expensive series of rabies vaccinations.


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