David McLary and Huevos Rancheros
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In Brief David McLary & Huevos Rancheros
David McLary & Huevos Rancheros
Three-Ring Records RRR-001-02
(P) & © 1993 Knuckle Sandwich Music (BMI)

You say you're tired of that grunge/disco/hardcore daily grind? Looking for something a bit out of the ordinary? How about guitar, latin percussion, and strings?

Not to mention complex melodies over lush chords. Not to mention spectacular lyrics out of all the novels that Raymond Chandler forgot to write.

"Don't run the race for roses,
run it for the wire."
Then the gardener shut his mouth
and packed his hoses.
"New hire," the boy said mockingly;
the sun swept son away. Go play.

So he took shots at Moses,
making guns of sod.
Schoolmates took their turns
as spies and wiseguys.

He packed up his belongings
in a shiny yellow trunk.
He always was a quite precocious boy.
He'd twist their arms till Jesus hollers uncle,
and drag their bones
from Hong Kong to Hanoi.


Jesus Hollers Uncle [excerpt]
MP3 (1.25 M) - RealAudio (217 K)

Turn Her Around [excerpt]
MP3 (1.15 M) - RealAudio (200 K)

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